What this site ISAnd What it ISN'T

What this site is:

  • A place to explore musical selections of Shabbat Liturgy

  • A place to preview a select number of tunes for each prayer - find out “who wrote that?!”

  • A place to find musical inspiration - search for settings that fit exactly what you need!


What this site isn't:

  • This site is not a comprehensive list of all musical settings of liturgy

    • Our site is designed to be a simple access point. There are other amazing websites (such as our friends at oysongs.com) where you can find and purchase a vast array of Jewish liturgical music

  • This site is not a one-stop shop for creating an amazing worship experience

    • Meaningful t’filah takes a lot of work and intention and includes a lot more than just what song choices a particular service leader makes. This site only aims to help with choosing the music!